Are YOU ready to reopen?

Preparing to reopen after Lockdown 3.0

We have all been forced to temporarily close for the best part of 12 months now in the face of this pandemic. However, April 12th is fast approaching and it is now time to start thinking about planning to open your doors once again.

Clients are eager to get back through the doors of your salon and there is no reason your reopening should not be a grand reopening.

There is no need to wait, you can start planning immediately.

With just over two weeks till doors open, here’s our guide to reopening.


Right Now:

Consider your retail options. Is your salon stocked with the right products that suit you customers’ needs? Clients will be excited to see what new retail products you have in stock.

Are your products locked away behind a glass window, making sure you minimise how many hands touch them. Make sure your staff wear disposable gloves when handling retail products.

Build and plan both email and text marketing campaigns. Advise your clients on any changes you may have made whilst in lockdown, for example any new treatments or any new retail products.

Research local reopening laws and restrictions and make sure you are ready to fully adhere to them. Create a staff COVID-19 policy outlining these laws and restrictions.

Arrange a deep clean of your premises.

Update your website and social media accounts. Let your clients know you are reopening and what changes you may have made. Plan social media posts so you can keep clients engaged once you have reopened. Record a welcome back video, incorporating any changes you have made to your salon, showing the new you.

Start reengaging with your staff. Make sure they are happy to return to work and adhere to your COVID-19 policy.


April 5th:

Have a staff meeting. Plan your reopening with your staff. They will need to be up to scratch with any changes you have made whilst shut. Go over all changes and make sure they are ready to treat your clients.

Do a stock take and check you have sufficient supplies. Your clients have been missing you, it is likely you will be fully booked for the foreseeable future. Make sure you have enough PPE, gloves and hand sanitizer.

Send a welcome back email. Let your customers know you are taking bookings and advise them of your COVID-19 policies and what safety and cleaning measures you have in place.


April 11th:

Post on social media. Build a hype that you are reopening. Get any free appointment slots filled. Let your clients know you are READY to open.

Send another email. Let your clients know you can’t wait to see them and that you are READY to open.

Clean again. Have one last clean around your salon. Make sure all of your equipment and products are sanitized. Put up signs around your salon to remind both your staff and clients are up to date with protocols.


Opening Day:

Put ‘Welcome Back’ signs up in your salon. Make your clients feel welcome. Small gestures go a long way.

Check in with clients that haven’t booked in. Target your clients with email and / or text marketing letting them know you are now open.

Create a buzz on social media. “Go live” and show your clients you are now OPEN.


Plan Ahead! Plan for possible future lockdowns! We all dread ANOTHER lockdown but if you prepare finances, staffing and create virtual services and retail packages, you can be one step ahead should another lockdown take place.